Welcome to New Longre Education


About Us

Newlongre Education is a professional educational and consulting organization registered by the Canadian government, specializing in providing various English training, high school course tutoring and North American university application planning and consulting services.

Our English courses include: IELTS/SAT (basic, intensive, sprint, contracted score guarantee), B.C. Literacy Assessment, secondary school English, ESL grade skipping, etc. High school course tutoring includes: grade 7-12 mathematics, chemistry, economics and other subjects; AP mathematics, chemistry and economics. We also provide small-class teaching, one-on-one VIP tutoring and other teaching methods.

North American university application planning and consulting is the ace service of our organization, with elite consulting and planning teams from different professional backgrounds to provide comprehensive planning services from high school course selection, academic tracking and supervision, recommendation of volunteer activities, university selection, major selection, online application, offer selection, university course selection, etc. for high school students applying to top 30 universities in Canada and the United States.

3 Reasons to Choose Newlongre Education

  • One-on-one learning with dedicated attention from our tutor
  • Strong learning feedback and progress report system
  • Top Notch teachers paired for subject expertise and teaching style

Why New Longre Education

One-on-One Learning

New Longre Education provides one-to-one customized learning programs, and teaching assistants supervise students’ learning progress and quality throughout the process. Educational consultants and tutors are dedicated to each student’s learning, answering questions at all times, and ensuring the best educational outcomes and grades. Elite planning team: up to 100% success rate, providing the whole process of academic planning from the 9th grade to the first year of college course selection guidance.

Personalized Learning

Adhere to the concept of personalized teaching, design learning courses, time and methods according to students’ different backgrounds, personalities and actual situations, and choose the most “connected” tutors for students.

Top Notch Tutors

The team of teachers brings together professional mathematics, physics and chemistry and English teachers who have obtained master’s and doctoral degrees from top universities in Canada. Familiar with the high school curriculum in the Greater Vancouver area, rigorous teaching, rich experience and strict requirements, to ensure that students’ high school grades steadily improve!